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Jacksonville Defense Attorney Janet Johnson has appeared on numerous television news programs as a legal expert. Call today to get Janet on your defense team. 904-634-8991  FREE CONSULTATION – call now, 24/7

Janet Johnson interviewed on HLN 5/8/21 – 6th Grade Girl Attempted Murder Charge

Janet Johnson Interviewed regarding the Mother’s Day Murder

Janet Johnson Interviewed on HLN 5/1/21 regarding Scott Peterson Trial

Janet Johnson Interviewed regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo (HLN TV)

Kentucky Gov. Pardons Hundreds Before Leaving Office: Janet Johnson Interviewed

Lori Loughlin Bribery Case – Janet Johnson interviewed on CNN


Famous Stars College Admissions Scandal – Janet Johnson Interviewed:


Janet Johnson interviewed about the Harvey Weinstein case:







More Interviews with Janet Johnson on TV:


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Janet Johnson’s expert legal opinions are sought on television news programs across the country. Janet has appeared on ABC News, CNN, Headline News, and numerous other programs discussing cases large and small. See Janet’s Reel, then contact her for interviews at 904-634-8991.

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lawyer Janet Johnson interviewed about Donald Sterling lawsuit
Janet Johnson TV Appearances, Interviewed Regarding: Donald Sterling sues the NBA
criminal defense lawyer Janet Johnson interview
Janet Johnson TV Appearances, Interviewed Regarding:Justice for Jenise
defense lawyer Janet Johnson discussing Insanity Defense on Headline News
Janet Johnson TV Appearances, Interviewed Regarding: Headline News – Insanity Defense
Janet Johnson on Headline News discussing Michael Brown shooting
Janet Johnson TV Appearances, Interviewed Regarding: Michael Brown – Missouri town in turmoil
Janet Johnson talks about Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial
Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial
Keys to the Case
Justice for Jenise - Body found
Justice for Jenise Body Found
Attorney Janet Johnson interviewed about Jody Arias Case
Jody Arias Back in Court


Defense Lawyer Janet Johnson discusses Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Updates
Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Update


F Lee Bailey and Janet Johnson discuss Missouri riots
F Lee Bailey and Janet Johnson discuss Missouri Riots


lawyer Janet Johnson discusses Michael Brown case
Michael Brown Case


Janet Johnson discusses legal cases on television
Parents Sue Care.Com


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Janet Johnson has appeared on many TV shows, being interviewed for various news stories.  She has also written many publications.

For a free consultation about your legal case, and excellent representation in Jacksonville, Florida, contact Janet today at 904-634-8991.