Physician Pill Mill Defense

Janet Johnson defends physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals who treat patients suffering from chronic pain. 

A ‘Pill Mill’ is a term used to refer to a medical clinic or doctor’s office accused of distributing pain medication without a legitimate medical purpose or outside the usual course of a professional medical practice.  The Government believes that a ‘ill mill’ is more concerned with making money than helping patients.  Law enforcement agencies look for red flags to suggest that a medical clinic is operating as a ‘pill mill’, but these so-called red flags can also be perfectly legal activity.

Doctors who prescribe a lot of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Morphine and other narcotic drugs will also have the attention of the DEA.  Law enforcement agents may literally hide and watch the clinic for months, taking photos of the patients and recording their license plates. In some cases, employees or patients will be interviewed. Their investigations can take over a year to complete and are concluded when the Government raids the medical facility and arrests the doctors involved.  Sometimes other employees will be arrested as well.

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Janet Johnson’s practice covers the Jacksonville, FL areas of Duval County, St Johns County, Nassau County, Clay County, Baker County.