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Assault and Battery – What’s the Difference?

Assault is an attempt or threat to do physical harm to another person. Battery occurs when there is actual physical contact between an attacker and a victim.  Assault usually involves one person striking another, however, merely acting in a threatening manner or creating fear in another person could be considered assault.

If assault involves severe physical injury or the use of a deadly weapon, a more serious charge can result. An attempt that involves the threat of serious physical injury or the use of a weapon can be considered an aggravated assault case.

Such violent crimes are taken seriously and usually involve a prison term and high (or no) bail. The stakes are much higher in violent crimes than in almost any other type of criminal charges.

Defense of an Assault Charge – Jacksonville Florida

One of the keys to a successful defense is called a pretrial investigation.  The prosecution has experienced investigators whose sole job is to build a sufficient case against you while offering you the legal services of a public defender.

Having an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney on your side can mean a big difference in the outcome of your case.  Defending against violent criminal charges requires thorough investigation that will add reasonable doubt to the prosecution’s case. We carefully prepare every defense case for trial and support you throughout the case.

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