Federal Crimes

jacksonville, florida criminal defense attorneyHave you been accused of Federal Crimes, such as criminal, tax fraud, money laundering or weapons trafficking?

If you are being investigated or even already charged with a felony by a federal agency, this is a very frightening situation.  The Federal Government has powerful tools and resources to be used against you.  Dealing with your case on your own, or without competent and experienced legal counsel, can mean the difference between leniency and severe sentencing.

Federal Criminal Defense is complicated because a federal sentence is usually severe and there is no probation.  Federal prosecutors and legal officials have access to resources which is much greater than their state counterparts.  This means that you are up against a far greater threat to your freedom.

Jacksonville attorney Janet Johnson is a skillful, professional and fast responder to charges that could affect the rest of your life. It is important to have the right strategy and aggressive approach offered by a competent federal defense lawyer who is used to going to trial.

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